CROATIA: Ten New Judges of the Constitutional Court Took the Oath of Office before the President

The newly elected judges of the Constitutional Court took the oath of office before the President. On that occasion, the President told them that their independence from all other government institutions can and must always be intact, and that in their work they should be guided solely by the Constitution, laws of the Republic of Croatia and their own conscience.


In her address after the oath taking, President Grabar-Kitarović congratulated the judges on their election and pointed to the extremely important authorities of the Constitutional Court, both in relation to the legislative, executive and judicial power, as well as in regard to the protection of the democratic constitutional order, unity and territorial integrity of the Republic of Croatia, fundamental human rights and constitutional freedoms of Croatian citizens.


“In spite of occasional attempts to lessen or weaken the authority of the Constitutional Court, this authority remains indisputable. Therefore, it needs to be emphasized that it is largely on the basis of this authority that the Republic of Croatia is today an ordered State with regard to its political, judicial, administrative and other bodies and institutions, which are obligated to implement your decisions,” emphasized the President.


The President told the newly elected judges that the importance of the authority of the Constitutional Court was shown by their election, because in this way conditions were insured for its regular operation in the composition intended by the Constitution. “It was shown that despite current political disputes, it is possible to achieve necessary consensus on an issue that is so important for the constitutional-legal order of the Republic of Croatia, which demonstrates the maturity of our democratic system,” she stated.


The President indicated that their election, as well as the election of their predecessors, “was not deprived of political influence,” but that although she respects the criticism addressed during the election procedure, she does not see this as a hindrance to their work. “Since you have gained the trust of two thirds of the members of the Croatian Parliament, you have in this way also received power that pursuant to the letter and spirit of the Constitution, as the highest law, derives from the people and rests with the people as a community of free and equal citizens. Therefore, your independence from all the bodies of government can and must always be intact, and in your work you should be guided solely by the Constitution, laws of the Republic of Croatia and your own conscience, as a guarantee that law which is merged with ethics will in the end secure justice. This is the foundation of trust and reputation that you enjoy,” emphasized President Grabar-Kitarović.


The President expressed her expectation that this composition of the Constitutional Court will, within a reasonable time frame, resolve the issues that were submitted to the Court and put on the agenda more than twenty years ago. “I am confident that with your knowledge, abilities and moral virtues, you will be the guardians of the Constitution, for the benefit of our State and all Croatian citizens,” concluded the President.


The judges of the Constitutional Court who took the oath of office before the President of the Republic were: Josip Leko, Miroslav Šumanović, Ingrid Antičević Marinović, Dr. Branko Brkić, Rajko Mlinarić, MSc, Davorin Mlakar, Dr. Snježana Bagić, Assistant Professor Dr. Mario Jelušić, Andrej Abramović and Lovorka Kušan.

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