Team of International Experts Launches FitTrakker – The Most Advanced Fitness Tracking App

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Sports and fitness apps have become an integral part in the daily lives of millions of mobile users. It is predicted that the fitness mobile app market will boom in the forthcoming years. Even since the Coronavirus pandemic started, mobile usage for fitness and nutrition apps has gone up. Fitness professionals agree that having access to a fitness tracker can be an important resource when it comes to following a fitness program and getting optimal performance results. However, not all devices or apps on the market today are top-tier choices. The exciting news is that ZoneMaster Inc. launched their company’s new release FitTrakker, an app on the App Store last weekend. FitTrakker is integrated with Apple’s Health Kit and has already earned the title “The Best Fitness Tracking App in the World.” It delivers a wide range of features and benefits unmatched by its competitors. With a free 30-day trial, users can see the big difference first-hand. FitTrakker has been well noticed in the first few days, and it was ranked at a fantastic #60 on the App Store under Health & Fitness Apps already the next day after launching.

“Only you are your body master! That’s why we created the FitTrakker!,” is one of the FitTrakker team’s motoes, which shows applied principle of individualized personal fitness and training parameters. Their initial idea was to invent a reliable tool to determine individual physiology zones and provide accurate information to users. Architects of the app are internationally recognized experts in their respective fields: Miro Zeravica, CEO, Milica Okicic, MD, VP of Research & Development, and Srecko Mavrek, VP of Marketing & Business Development. “We look forward to hear impressions about our app. We believe that users will love it and get addicted to it. Now is a critical time to take care of physical health, which greatly contributes to overall health and strengthening immune system that can help fight off infections and viruses such as COVID-19,” they said.

Currently there is no other app that customizes training and monitors workload based on specific individual’s data such as their physiology zones. This is combined with the details of their personalized profile and several training parameters including training start time, medium, conditions and medium temperature. A powerful Energymeter gives accurate details on calories burned during physical activity, something that can be a huge benefit when it comes to planning an effective weight loss or dieting program. Daily and training charts are easily accessed, along with powerful GPS/HR features and stunning visual design. With all its features and benefits, FitTrakker is the most advanced fitness app on the market.

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